Adult fantasy novel, currently querying.

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War correspondent Will Byrne has just been fired from his dream job thanks to the political machinations of his estranged father. Unwilling to go back to a life crushed under the heel of his overbearing parent, he is desperate to find one last big story to earn a second chance.

He gets his shot when metal crafter and pilot Kal Brandt is assigned to fly him home. Kal has always hidden the true extent of her magic. The government classifies her people as second-class citizens, and half the country openly calls for their deaths. So far she’s succeeded in building a life that follows her rules, not anyone else’s. But upon landing she’s falsely accused of terrorist activities and is forced to choose between her cherished independence and the future of her people.

Thrown together and on the run, they discover an anti-crafter conspiracy to steal the upcoming election, and the two race the clock to expose the plot in time. But the conspiracy’s leader has been planning his move for decades, and on his side is the fanatical belief that crafting is destroying the world.


Adult sci-fi novel, currently drafting.

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Earth has been abandoned, its last remaining survivors crammed onto ships with their most advanced science, searching for anywhere they can call home. To adapt to the harsh environments of other planets, the ship scientists begin controlled experiments with splicing animal DNA into the survivors. But four ships are lost in an accident, crashing down to the rocky crag of Varyn 5 and abandoned for dead.

Centuries have passed, and the survivors of the crashed ships have long ago lost their connection to their technologically advanced ancestors. Sparse resources and a harsh landscape have led to a clan culture, insular and rigid in its rules for survival.

Chana, founder and alpha of a small pack in the southern cliffs, knows that it’s the pack’s survival that must trump all other concerns. But when a strange woman with seemingly no traces of splicing walks into their den on the arm of her best friend, Chana’s beloved pack is thrown into turmoil. Betrayed and fighting for her life, Chana must decide if duty and loyalty are worth dying for on these rocky cliffs.

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